start system

From Colorado Timing Systems, this device serves as a limited PA while providing the familiar audio tone that all swimmers know so well.

Wireless stopwatches

Yes, they look like they belong on a spaceship, these watches sync with the Start System for electronic coordination when each race is initiated.  And, at the conclusion of each race, data is sent wirelessly to a computer running Hy-Tek's Meet Manager software


16 small lane speakers serve the starting blocks, while two larger speakers act for PA purposes resulting in clean audio distribution across the entire pool deck

computer & software

Hy-Tek's Meet Manager software collects, stores and organizes all of the data for each meet

all hands on deck

A Starter, Clerk-of-Course, Assist. Clerk-of-Course and Computer Coordinator are all paid roles who deliver meet administration

scoreboard system

The irony is, we don't keep score at meets.  This system syncs with the stopwatches and is used to display results in real time.  We are hoping to be able to introduce this in the near future.

the power of people

Despite all of our innovation, there is no substitute for volunteers - but we try HARD to keep the need for volunteers to an absolute minimum.  For dual meets, each team provides 3 timers, for tri-meets, 2 timers.  These individuals hold the watches at the end of the pool and manually stop the clock when the swimmer reaches the wall.  The use of technology is instrumental in reducing the burden on volunteers who would rather be watching the children compete.  The host team provides the tattoo-awarders at each meet.  Our goal is to help minimize the volunteer needs from the participating teams.